Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Take the ball to the Rack

Game 3 was unreal for the Spurs.  16 threes are what buried the Heat by a guy that was undrafted and Danny Green(Lebrons old teamate).  The only good news for the heat is that parker looked like he tweeked his hammy orrrrrr Eva Longoria called him back to the dressing room........... Either or are perfectly good reasons to leave the game.  But lets get to the real story.  How scared was Lebron last night.  Ive never seen someone who didn't want the ball as much as him.  I can live with the Heat losing if he is shooting and driving, but I cannot take them losing if Mario and Miller are the only one trying to take over the game.  THEY are role players who want the damn ball, more than the KING.  Im tired of all this facilitator stuff.  Live for the moment, or get off the floor.  You are the most gifted specimen on the planet and you have to pass because they back off while guarding daring you to take the shot? Take the damn shot, this is your team.  You are the one that everybody will blame reguardless so why not take the situation into your own hands.  Its all about balls and heart.
       Now moving on to Chris Bosh!! What the hell man.  This dude needs to re evaluate his basketball career.  The Spurs don't respect him at all as a scorer.  Your game is mid range jumpers at 6'11??? and you haven't been hitting any of those too.  Your basically just out there to let Tim Duncan get some post work in.  Maybe instead of cooking you should be developing an inside game andddddd an outside game.
        Mike Miller is going off.  He has increased his sexual activity with his last two performances alone.  Chicks dig the Long ball.  This guy lives for the finals.  His tattoo scheme is a little erratic but his stroke is automatic.  Don't let this man trail a fast break because Lebron will pass it back( even though he shouldnt).
       In the end, its on Lebrons shoulders.  Wade is not the Wade of old and Bosh is turning into a slap dick before our eyes.  Be aggresive, take open jumpers, play aggresive defense, get to the damn foul line.  No free throws last night?  Thats unacceptable at your frame and speed.  Leanord is good but he ain't that good.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Game 2.... side kicks save the day

With game 2 in the books, this series will go back to San Antonio tied.  Who holds the edge?  Well its pretty simple due to the fact the cast of the Heat are playing out of their minds while the less explosive Spurs looked terrible.  The Heat are doing to the Spurs what they did to them the first game but in a backwards order.  In game 1 Parker used the pick to create miss matches as he came off the screen.  Well the Heat are doing the same with Lebron setting screens.  As the ball handler goes by, the spurs cant leave Lebron, so Mario or Wade now have a mismatch with a slower power foward picking them up,  and the only way to stop it is to clog the lanes but when you do that, then Ray Ray and Miller are wide open for the 3 pointer.  Lebron was despicable in game 2 until the run came and San Antonio only led by 1.  This is a big problem.  I still feel Lebron needs to attack the rim but if his shooters are hot then he might just be better penetrating and drawing defenders because he looked horrible last night.  His defense is always great.    

Friday, June 7, 2013

Really King James? More like King Parker!

Game 1 was dominated by the Heat all the way till the 4th quarter, but the more experienced found a way to win on the back of Tony Parker.  Lebron James was in facilitate mode when he should of been in attack mode.  You are a 6'8 260lb freight train that can get to the rim at will.  Why do you not go to the rim every play and force Tim Duncan into foul trouble!  Why are you giving the ball up when you are the best player in the world.  Tony Parker wasn't giving up the ball in crunch time because he is cold blooded.  Lebron is an unbelievable talent but he needs to take HIS team over and don't be so passive.  The big 3 are NOT the big 3, mostly due to Wades injuries.  If you are Lebron James, please take over the game.  You can be Magic Johnson during the regular season but its freaking Jordan time in the Finals.  Nobody on the floor can guard you, and you pass back to Bosh??? Take the ball to the rim all game please and lets see where this series goes.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heat, Spurs showdown

Who on the Spurs can guard King James? Leanord bhahahaha......... c'mon man.    This man could barley guard Steph Curry who is smaller and by no standard comparable to a LBJ.   Next is whooooo?? Boris Diaw bhahahahaha, thats just ridiculous.  It will take the whole spurs defensive unit to stop lebron which will leave Jesus Shuttlesworth. Christina Bosh, and Mr. Wade wide open.  That being said, these three have not been good as of late.  These three will need to be a factor to beat the Spurs who are an elite TEAM.  The next question regarding the finals is the coaching between Pop and Bron.  No disrespect to Spolstra, but Lebron is the floor Dictator.  Lebron must attack the rim constantly against this less physical team.  The Heat have played two physical series with the Bulls and Pacers.  The Spurs don't have a specimen like Hibbert that can stop the attack of Bron and Wade, nor do they have the killer instinct of Noah and the Bulls.  Splitter needs to wear a helmet in the paint if he intends to try and stop the train coming down the track and Duncan might explode if he attempts to put his hand in the cookie jar.  The defensive intensity and constant attack of Lebron and Wade is more than enough to take the Spurs in 5, but if the supporting cast doesnt show up the Spurs could dismantle the Heat in this series.  I personally hope to see Bron guard Tony Parker.  What a match up this would be.  if Lebron can negate parker the Heat win the series.  The Spurs go as Parker goes.      

No more PED talk

Steroids and performance enhancers strike again.  Negative publicity and shame strike the baseball world diminishing the game so called "Americas past time".  But what has steroids done to the game thats been absolutely horrifying.  As a fan, I like to see players that can hit the ball farther, throw harder, and run faster........"but its not fair for the other players and past players"blah blah.  You mean the past players that faced 80 mph fastballs and didn't feel the need to even wear a helmet.  The past players who played in an era where scrutiny over performance was no where near todays scrutiny due to the media.  The same players who smoked cigars while in the dugout and at home plate while hitting because the competition was nowhere near todays.  Sports is entertainment and believe me I am more entertained when Barry Bonds is hitting 70 homeruns, when Sammy Sosa and Big Mac are battling for dominance, when average players like Melky Cabrera can hit 40 home runs in one year.  The game and advantage has shifted totally to the pitchers which is why the increase in perfect games and no hitters has gone up.  Hitting is the hardest thing to do in baseball and now you give all the advantages to the pitchers who throw 90+ with movement.  On top of that, you let the pitchers use sun screen and rosin to throw illegal pitches!!!!  Where is that *.  What about all the records that were set before African Americans were allowed to play?  This topic of steroids is just not relevant to me as a fan.  These men are old enough and make enough money to make their own decisions.  Steroids are not the problem, its the media and outdated views that make this issue such a big deal.