Monday, June 10, 2013

Game 2.... side kicks save the day

With game 2 in the books, this series will go back to San Antonio tied.  Who holds the edge?  Well its pretty simple due to the fact the cast of the Heat are playing out of their minds while the less explosive Spurs looked terrible.  The Heat are doing to the Spurs what they did to them the first game but in a backwards order.  In game 1 Parker used the pick to create miss matches as he came off the screen.  Well the Heat are doing the same with Lebron setting screens.  As the ball handler goes by, the spurs cant leave Lebron, so Mario or Wade now have a mismatch with a slower power foward picking them up,  and the only way to stop it is to clog the lanes but when you do that, then Ray Ray and Miller are wide open for the 3 pointer.  Lebron was despicable in game 2 until the run came and San Antonio only led by 1.  This is a big problem.  I still feel Lebron needs to attack the rim but if his shooters are hot then he might just be better penetrating and drawing defenders because he looked horrible last night.  His defense is always great.    

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