Friday, June 7, 2013

Really King James? More like King Parker!

Game 1 was dominated by the Heat all the way till the 4th quarter, but the more experienced found a way to win on the back of Tony Parker.  Lebron James was in facilitate mode when he should of been in attack mode.  You are a 6'8 260lb freight train that can get to the rim at will.  Why do you not go to the rim every play and force Tim Duncan into foul trouble!  Why are you giving the ball up when you are the best player in the world.  Tony Parker wasn't giving up the ball in crunch time because he is cold blooded.  Lebron is an unbelievable talent but he needs to take HIS team over and don't be so passive.  The big 3 are NOT the big 3, mostly due to Wades injuries.  If you are Lebron James, please take over the game.  You can be Magic Johnson during the regular season but its freaking Jordan time in the Finals.  Nobody on the floor can guard you, and you pass back to Bosh??? Take the ball to the rim all game please and lets see where this series goes.

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