Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Take the ball to the Rack

Game 3 was unreal for the Spurs.  16 threes are what buried the Heat by a guy that was undrafted and Danny Green(Lebrons old teamate).  The only good news for the heat is that parker looked like he tweeked his hammy orrrrrr Eva Longoria called him back to the dressing room........... Either or are perfectly good reasons to leave the game.  But lets get to the real story.  How scared was Lebron last night.  Ive never seen someone who didn't want the ball as much as him.  I can live with the Heat losing if he is shooting and driving, but I cannot take them losing if Mario and Miller are the only one trying to take over the game.  THEY are role players who want the damn ball, more than the KING.  Im tired of all this facilitator stuff.  Live for the moment, or get off the floor.  You are the most gifted specimen on the planet and you have to pass because they back off while guarding daring you to take the shot? Take the damn shot, this is your team.  You are the one that everybody will blame reguardless so why not take the situation into your own hands.  Its all about balls and heart.
       Now moving on to Chris Bosh!! What the hell man.  This dude needs to re evaluate his basketball career.  The Spurs don't respect him at all as a scorer.  Your game is mid range jumpers at 6'11??? and you haven't been hitting any of those too.  Your basically just out there to let Tim Duncan get some post work in.  Maybe instead of cooking you should be developing an inside game andddddd an outside game.
        Mike Miller is going off.  He has increased his sexual activity with his last two performances alone.  Chicks dig the Long ball.  This guy lives for the finals.  His tattoo scheme is a little erratic but his stroke is automatic.  Don't let this man trail a fast break because Lebron will pass it back( even though he shouldnt).
       In the end, its on Lebrons shoulders.  Wade is not the Wade of old and Bosh is turning into a slap dick before our eyes.  Be aggresive, take open jumpers, play aggresive defense, get to the damn foul line.  No free throws last night?  Thats unacceptable at your frame and speed.  Leanord is good but he ain't that good.

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