Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No more PED talk

Steroids and performance enhancers strike again.  Negative publicity and shame strike the baseball world diminishing the game so called "Americas past time".  But what has steroids done to the game thats been absolutely horrifying.  As a fan, I like to see players that can hit the ball farther, throw harder, and run faster........"but its not fair for the other players and past players"blah blah.  You mean the past players that faced 80 mph fastballs and didn't feel the need to even wear a helmet.  The past players who played in an era where scrutiny over performance was no where near todays scrutiny due to the media.  The same players who smoked cigars while in the dugout and at home plate while hitting because the competition was nowhere near todays.  Sports is entertainment and believe me I am more entertained when Barry Bonds is hitting 70 homeruns, when Sammy Sosa and Big Mac are battling for dominance, when average players like Melky Cabrera can hit 40 home runs in one year.  The game and advantage has shifted totally to the pitchers which is why the increase in perfect games and no hitters has gone up.  Hitting is the hardest thing to do in baseball and now you give all the advantages to the pitchers who throw 90+ with movement.  On top of that, you let the pitchers use sun screen and rosin to throw illegal pitches!!!!  Where is that *.  What about all the records that were set before African Americans were allowed to play?  This topic of steroids is just not relevant to me as a fan.  These men are old enough and make enough money to make their own decisions.  Steroids are not the problem, its the media and outdated views that make this issue such a big deal.        

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