Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heat, Spurs showdown

Who on the Spurs can guard King James? Leanord bhahahaha......... c'mon man.    This man could barley guard Steph Curry who is smaller and by no standard comparable to a LBJ.   Next is whooooo?? Boris Diaw bhahahahaha, thats just ridiculous.  It will take the whole spurs defensive unit to stop lebron which will leave Jesus Shuttlesworth. Christina Bosh, and Mr. Wade wide open.  That being said, these three have not been good as of late.  These three will need to be a factor to beat the Spurs who are an elite TEAM.  The next question regarding the finals is the coaching between Pop and Bron.  No disrespect to Spolstra, but Lebron is the floor Dictator.  Lebron must attack the rim constantly against this less physical team.  The Heat have played two physical series with the Bulls and Pacers.  The Spurs don't have a specimen like Hibbert that can stop the attack of Bron and Wade, nor do they have the killer instinct of Noah and the Bulls.  Splitter needs to wear a helmet in the paint if he intends to try and stop the train coming down the track and Duncan might explode if he attempts to put his hand in the cookie jar.  The defensive intensity and constant attack of Lebron and Wade is more than enough to take the Spurs in 5, but if the supporting cast doesnt show up the Spurs could dismantle the Heat in this series.  I personally hope to see Bron guard Tony Parker.  What a match up this would be.  if Lebron can negate parker the Heat win the series.  The Spurs go as Parker goes.      

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